Autumnal photography

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Autumn is the perfect time for all budding photographers to get out with their mobiles or cameras and start taking photos of the amazing colours of tree leaves. For me, there are a few more things I like to consider before I get out and start papping away.

The golden hours of the day can add that extra magical lighting effect to enhance photos of autumnal leaf colours. I really enjoy going for a brisk walk in the afternoon and taking photos at the end of the day just before sunset when the sunlight is golden and really accentuates the reds, oranges and yellows in the leaves.

I love taking photos of silhouettes of trees or interesting subject matter with light flickering between a tracery of branches/canopies. Sunsets and sun rises are perfect for incorporating that magic sky colour into your photos. Another tip I try to remember, is over cast days. Never forget them.

Many of my best panoramas have been taken on fresh autumnal days where it is over cast. The moods that you simply cannot get on a sunny day really capture a raw landscape and can include really rich colours and add another depth to the photos.

Autumn for me is also about contrasts. Deep blue sky’s with crimson leaves, crisp cloud formations and vivid yellows of autumnal leaves. In the lake district, lichen and ferns growing on veteran trees.

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Chilterns Woodland


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